Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Young Naval Officer

While being a naval officer may not be one of the easiest jobs, it could well be the most rewarding. It might not make you rich or famous, but it can be a job in which you have great pride.

Your duties as a naval officer are immense; yet so is your authority. Use this authority wisely in performing your duties. Remember, the rank you wear on your shoulder don’t make you smarter; they only give you authority, Depend on your CO,s and petty officers for guidance; they have the experience and can teach you much if you will let them.

Do you remember what the role of the Royal Malaysian Navy?

"The Navy’s role is to be ready to conduct prompt and sustained combat operations in support of the national interest."

For the Navy to be able to fulfill this role, you, as a naval officer, must be ready to perform your military duties. Only through self-examination, study of your job, and mature and rational performance can you fulfill your duties and responsibilities as a naval officer.

As always, "Thank you for your Service and your leadership."

Leadership of Royal Malaysian Navy

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