Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Happy Deepavali To All Indians

As all Malaysians look forward to the upcoming festive period, we are once again reminded of the rich diversity that our country proudly supports and nurtures. This festival of light will be all the more special as the seeds of our national transformation efforts really start to emerge. As Indians celebrate this special day in the Hindu calendar, we can look back on a year where we have worked hard and persevered together in our efforts to transform Malaysia.

What is important in this journey towards national transformation is that we are all in this together. Without the full commitment and support of each group, we will simply not achieve our collective ambitions for Malaysia. This is why the Government has always emphasised the need to engage with all Malaysians so that we can really come together to take the nation.

With regards to the Indian community, the Government’s efforts to engage and bring services directly to the people are beginning to show results. The special initiatives that we have undertaken over the last two years are yielding results that have a real and positive impact on Indian families and individuals. This has given us the confidence to further strengthen and widen our efforts so that we may reach all who need us. Our efforts will now expand to include direct initiatives to increase incomes amongst the Indian community. The Government is also committed to realising the full business prowess of the Indian community and will do what it takes to unlock this potential.

In order for us to achieve our vision to comprehensively uplift the community, I need the commitment and the trust of the Indian community to work with me. The hope or nambikeiof each Malaysian Indian is vital towards forging a full and effective partnership between the Government and the community that will ensure a better quality of life for this and coming generations. I also take this opportunity to issue a clarion call to the many professionals and corporate personalities as well as community leaders to work with Government and develop innovative and creative ways to directly and positively change the lives of members of the community.
In ending, I take this opportunity to wish all Malaysian Hindus, Deepavali Vaalthukal and a very happy Deepavali. Let us once again come together and join our friends and celebrate this festival with the hope that it brings the light of happiness and harmony to all Malaysians.

Happy Deepavali.

Navy The Best



Charlie Yankee said...

Masa dlm navy dulu kom personnel kenyang perut bila datang raya deepavali. Tak nafi banyak anggota kom dari warga India, kamceng gua RO Gopal tak pernah miss jolok gua kuih bulat manis tu, perghhh sedap wa cakap lu Beb. Tapi bila dah balik kg ni nak rasa benda tu semua kena belilah Beb. Gua memang bangga jadi rakyat Malaysia sebab perut kenyang Beb.

Anonymous said...

taun nie navy buat sambutan depavali pe ek..cter la cket bro.gua mmg excited cket cter sal navy nie.kalo leh cter la cket sal korg belayar 2 sumer..

Navy The Best said...

Insyaallah, Navy The Best akan cuba paparkan pengalaman-pengalaman belayar serta pengorbanan warga TLDM. Insyaallah bahan akan dicari. VMT atas sokongan semua.